Unusual gifts that you can give on First communion

In the last post, we talked about unusual gifts that parents or grand- parents can give the child on his First Holy Communion, but what if you are a distant relative. Well, here are some communion gifts that would please every child, irrespective of his interests. Either you can prepare them on your own or buy them from Christian gift stores.

Books as communion gifts

I believe books are the best way to illustrate the children about Holy Scriptures, but it should be suited to their age, especially if the child is matured enough to read the books. Apart from the Holy Bible, you can gift other books like Chronicles of Narnia. These books have great educational value and they will learn about Christian motifs with immense pleasure. There are various Christian online stores that offer you with interactive books and publications. They may look shallower in terms of educational content but are engaging. It would be a great addition to the child’s library.

Another safe bet is the Holy Bible along with a personalized bookmark. Such a bookmark could prove to be an unusual gift from the distant relatives.

Board games

While not all kids are excited by the name or sight of the books, so encourage them to play board games. There are several Christian versions available in the market and there are some games related to Bible also. You can even shop online.

Other unusual gifts that you can offer to a child

How about honing their mental skills by giving them jigsaw pictures? Look for the pictures which are appealing and not easy to put together. Preteens would be thrilled to get their own Christian music CD. You can embed the songs related to Holy Scriptures.

You can also gift them movie CD, especially the Miracle of Marcelino or the Great adventure stories from the Bible. This movie CD will narrate the story of the travelers who went back in time to watch the Biblical events or you can write your own story or create a souvenir booklet for the child on your own. It is one of the most recommended unusual Holy communion gifts. You can gift them the booklets about child’s patron saints or archangels explained to encourage them to be brave. Also know more about communion shoes and communion veils.

From where to find unusual gifts

There are several online Christian stores that offer gifts or souvenirs for children and young adults. Apart from above mentioned board games, books, jigsaw puzzles, bracelets, key rings, mouse pads and other communion accessories can also be given as a gift.

In conclusion, we would like to suggest that rather than giving your child fashionable, secular gadgets, gift them with devotional items and souvenirs, it will be more better and it will remain treasured in your child’s memory for years to come. It will also inculcate positive experience among the child and encourage his reading habits.